Jennifer Martnick

Team Leader Palliative Care

The Organization:

Logo of Hospice of the Western Reserve

The staff and volunteers at Hospice of the Western Reserve are dedicated to enhancing the health and wellbeing of the communities in which we all live. Our services have grown and changed over nearly four decades to meet the requirements of a diverse eleven county area. As your needs change, our staff and services will respond.

Why Jennifer is a Superstar:

Jen has no start or end to her day, she is always available to her own caseload and to all 650 patients the palliative care program serves. Jen considers it a privilege to walk alongside her patients on their journey. As an example, Jen recently was persistent in her attempts to reach an MD for a hospice order. Jen did not stop at leaving a message for the MD- she continued her efforts until she received the necessary supporting documentation for the referral. The result of her increased diligence was the patient receiving hospice services that positively impacted his quality of life.

She takes the lessons learned from the data being collected and mentors her team to achieve better outcomes.

Jen’s “Visit Productivity” (a metric that she helped pioneer in the palliative care program) was 16% higher than her closest peer, resulting in more patient issues being raised and potentially resolved through her diligence.

Another place where Jen shines is on a metric relating to diabetes (Jen’s rate was 100%, above the national average and peers engaged with the same population.) Specifically, this a reportable measure showing that an evaluation of the lower extremities was done to assess motor and sensory abilities in the presence of a diabetes diagnosis.

The Data: