Victoria Ramirez Morales

Youth Worker, ROCA

The Organization

Roca has had unparalleled success altering the life trajectories of America's most high-risk young people - the young people that are involved in crime, engaged in dangerous behaviors, have rejected help, have dropped out of school, and are simply too difficult for other programs to serve.

  • Roca seeks out the most difficult, challenging young people – the young people who are unwilling or unable to attend traditional programming, work or school.
  • Roca's services are designed to work with young people who are not prepared to participate in traditional programming. All program components address issues of relapse, using failure as a tool to help young people learn.
  • Roca is an outcomes-driven organization and operates by a rigorous system of performance management and impact evaluation.
  • Roca works with the criminal justice system and government to change how they work with those young people.

Why Victoria is a Superstar

Victoria stands far above the rest. Her no nonsense approach, her relationships with participants’ families and community partners has solidified her as a professional and expert in what she does as a youth worker.  Victoria has maintained a minimum caseload of 23, with Contact and Programming standards that exceed those of her peers. Her ability to juggle her caseload in addition running programming off site both for her participants and for other young people as part of an agreement with a partner organization demonstrate her dedication to her young people. While maintaining an average 80% contact and 42% program standards, Victoria has steadfastly been a consistent role model for getting her work done.  On top of all of this, Victoria does it all with a smile, bringing the kind of positive light and energy to her young people, her peers, her team, and the partners that it takes to stay at this kind of work with young people day in and day out.

Victoria uses data on a daily basis to manage her caseload.  Victoria is excellent in using all of the data during times when her participant is in a relapse to understand patterns of behavior and identify what worked previously or what did not in order to inform her strategy to support her young person through the relapse.  She consistent comes to supervision with her data and, as a result, is prepared to have discussions with her supervisor on where her young people are in the model, what support she needs, and what she needs for others to move. Her attention to detail and her young people is shown through her steadfast numbers that she produces weekly. 

The Data: