Franklin Peralta

Promotor, Latin America Youth Center

The Organization

Latin America Youth Center 

We create safe spaces to work alongside youth through a variety of services. We provide bilingual programs and opportunities in academics, arts and recreationjob readiness, safe housing, and health and wellness to help youth make a successful transition to young adulthood. We also advocate for policies and laws that create opportunities for youth and their families in our region.

A strong relationship with a caring adult is critical to a young person’s ability to achieve success. Our signature youth development model, the Promotor Pathway®, transforms lives by combining individualized support with mentoring and high-quality services to transform lives. The Pathway’s goal is to eliminate as many barriers as possible in young people’s lives, including homelessness, substance abuse, mental health issues, crime, dropping out of school, unemployment, or gang activity.

The Promotor Pathway® has been rigorously evaluated by the Urban Institute. The results show youth enrolled in the Promotor Pathway® are more likely to stay in school, avoid unplanned parenthood, and have stable places to live.

Why Franklin is a Superstar

No matter the challenges, Franklin’s approach is the same: he listens; he supports; he remains forever calm and patient; he never judges; and he never gives up on a single young person. He works every day to build strong relationships that have had lasting impact. Franklin’s main goal when working with his clients is to see them be successful by allowing them to identify what success looks like and providing support through the process. He provides ongoing encouragement and empowers his clients to be the one to take the lead in achieving their goals.

Franklin is very intentional about his work with clients. For example, if Franklin notices that over the last few months he has only reported on specific areas, he will intentionally check in and work on the other areas as needed.

Franklin provides support and guidance and is always there for his youth no matter what happens. He challenges his clients to get out of their comfort zone and try new things. Franklin knows he is making a difference with his clients when they begin taking the initiative to access resources on their own.

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