Charmaine Lujares

Coordinator, MassLEAP, EMPath

The Organization

EMPath transforms people's lives by helping them move out of poverty, and by providing other institutions with the tools to systematically do the same. Its science-informed model, Mobility Mentoring, has four essential elements: 1) Self-assessment, using our Bridge to Self-Sufficiency, 2) Clear goal setting and outcomes orientation, 3) Individualized coaching, and 4) monetary incentives tied to goal attainment.

The Bridge to Self Sufficiency details the domains within which people must do well in order to exit poverty. These include Family Stability (including housing and dependents), Well-being (including physical and mental health, as well as networks), Financial Management, Education and Training, and Employment and Career Management. Participants are assessed in each of these domains at entry, and this assessment forms the foundation for the work staff do. Over time progress is easily noted on the Bridge in each domain.

Why Charmaine is a Superstar

Charmaine is a Superstar because she uses data to 1) help her participants move forward, and 2) help her staff identify how to improve their work.

Charmaine puts a lot into her relationships with participants. For example, both her goals set rate and her goals completion rate is better than anyone else in the program. This means that Charmaine sets more goals with her participants, and coaches them to complete more goals, than her peers. She also has the highest retention rate in the program, at 92%.

Charmaine's work translates to better outcomes for her participants. 42% of her participants enrolled in school, and an impressive 25% of her participants completed education programs in FY17 (including professional certificates, an Associate's degree, and college prep programs). 50% of her participants have increased their income since beginning their work with the program, and many have used this increased income to start savings accounts.

The Data: