Let's recognize our SUPERSTAR friends!

To be eligible for a nomination, Friends must have already won during one of the following Quarters in 2019:  Quarter 1, Quarter 2, or Quarter 3.  Each site is required to have at least 1 nomination, but is invited to nominate all eligible Friends.  Nominations need to be entered in the Superstar Foundation software system in order for them to be scored.  

Annual 2019 Award

  • Nominations open online Friday, October 11, 2019
  • Deadline to nominate Friends is Friday, November 1, 2019
  • A winner from each site and an overall network winner will be announced by Wednesday, November 13, 2019

·       Prize

  • Judges will choose a winner from each site
  •  Judges will choose one network winner who will receive an additional Award 
  • The 1st Place Network Winner will be eligible for the Veronica Award ($500-$5,000 prizes)


All nominations need to be entered in the Superstar Foundation Website.

Click the “Nominate a Superstar” button to begin.

Next, click on the “Nominate a Team Member” button.

Begin nomination process. Each site should identify the Scorecard reports below that they will need to upload as part of their application.  Please keep answers limited to 400 words per section. Please note that we want to make the nomination process as simple as possible.  See Directions Below  


Phase 2 Question 1 – Please answer question 1 as it appears. 

Phase 2 Question 2 –

Please provide evidence of how the Friend: 

  • Uses incremental progress data to monitor client progress
  • Uses data to do something different 
  • Uses data to improve the quality of service

Phase 2 Question 3 – Please only put “not scored” in this section as our judges will not be judging this question. 

Phase 2 Question 4 –

Please describe how the Friend uses data in order to adjust their work to help improve each youth’s achievement of intended outcomes.  Provide examples of how your Friend uses data to manage their own performance. 



  • PD Total Services Received (current youth, by Friend) w/ Avg Hours Superstar  10/1/18 - 9/30/19 
  • 2 Monthly Scorecard (choose any 2 months between 10/1/18 - 9/30/19 that you feel reflect consistently high performance or show the greatest improvement in an area the Friend was working on).